This $999 e-bike wants to get the US commuting on two wheels

Motorised fat bike badged 'world's best-priced e-bike'

 A US Kickstarter pledge is aiming to provide ‘the world’s best-priced e-bike’ with a motor-equipped fat bike that retails at US$999.


Developed by Boston-based mechanical engineering graduate Jeffrey Morin, the Lectro is pitched as the ideal vehicle for daily commuting, and is well on its way to hitting its US$40,000 target on crowdsource website Kickstarter.

A 48v lithium-ion battery provides power to the Lectro’s 750w hub-mounted motor at the rear wheel. Claimed figures state the motor will get the Chinese-sourced Lectro up to 20mph (32km/h) and offer a range of over 20 miles.The specs of the motor and the speeds it is capable of make it a no-no for European shores as Morin confirms: “The current version is only available in the US for now. We are looking into building something for Europe but it will take some time.”

Elsewhere, the alloy frame fat bike gets a rather generic build sheet including a Shimano Tourney 6-speed transmission, cable discs from Tektro and 4in Kenda Juggernaut tyres. It does come with plenty of accessories, though, as well as the motor’s LCD display unit backers also get a kickstand, a front light and fenders/mudguards with their bike.

This $999 e-bike wants to get the us commuting on two wheels:

The Lectro’s 750w motor is too naughty for Europe’s tighter legislation

A fat bike might seem like a curious choice for a commuter bike but in many ways it makes sense – after all, its hefty rolling stock (the bike comes in at a claimed 27kg / 60lbs) is suddenly not an issue when things are motorised. Those 4in tyres should offer plenty of comfort and the ability to cover challenging weather conditions without the complexity or extra cost of suspension components.


There’s nothing groundbreaking about this product or even this concept but the fact that this Kickstarter pledge is already thriving proves that people must be hungry for a more affordable electric bicycle.