This is drillium done so, so wrong

Is light always right?

Cranks Bicycle Garage recently spotted this really inexcusable 'drillium' effort

There’s truth to the ol’ saying “there’s nothing lighter than a hole”, but sometimes, well, just no.


Popularised by the famously weight obsessed Mercx and peaking in popularity in the ’70s, ‘drillium-ing’ basically involves drilling lots of holes into bike parts in a bid to drop precious grams from your go-fast bike.

There’s no denying that some drillium efforts can be beautiful, but this distinctly DIY effort as spotted by Bike Snob AUS — the Facebook account of Brisbane based shop Cranks Bicycle Garage — hasn’t quite hit the mark.


As many commenters have pointed out, it’s likely that the additional drag that this modification will cause will far outweigh any benefit dropping the weight will have, but I feel as though the finer details of bicycle mechanics may be lost on this individual.