This is the pedal-powered trimaran you’ve been waiting for

The RedShark is a €10,000 pedalo conceived by an ex-BMW designer

Can’t leave the bike behind, even when you’re at the beach? Looking for a novel way to train and see the world from a new angle? If so, the Red Shark — a weird bike-come-trimaran (a tri-hulled boat) — might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.


Spotted at Sea Otter Europe, this pedal-powered trimaran (pedalo?) is handmade in Europe, primarily from carbon fibre, and is available in three builds: Sport, Adventure and Fun.

The Sport is designed for training

The Sport is the most performance-focused model and is claimed to be designed for athletes looking for another way to train. It’s outfitted with a TT cockpit, including aero extensions.

We imagine these have been included to provide another riding position rather than to take advantage of their wind-cheating qualities.

The Adventure is designed for exploring the coast and lakes

The Adventure model is best thought of as more of a bikepacking (tri-packing?) rig designed for exploring lakes, rivers and more rugged coastlines.

The Adventure comes with all manner of bags and accessories that will no doubt delight water-bound portaging nerds the world over.

The Fun is a lower-price model due to launch later this year

A lower spec’ Fun model is due to launch later this year and is expected to cost around €4,000. The Sport and Adventure models come in at around €10,000 in their top-end builds, with full pricing and availability to be confirmed later this summer.

Josep Rubau explains the concept behind the RedShark

The Red Shark is the brainchild of ex-BMW designer, Josep Rubau, and the promotional video for the boat features him extolling the virtues of undisturbed training and adventuring out on the waves.

While the video has gone some way to convince me that the Red Shark looks like a lot of fun  — and hard work — I did find myself questioning why the rider (do you a ride a boat?) featured felt that a helmet would be more useful than a life jacket out in the middle of that bay.


What do you think of the Red Shark? I’m sure you’ll let us know in the comments.