This is what £269/$300 of flat pedal looks like

Cheaper and considerably more expensive options of the Stamp, plus a Danny Mac signature pedal

Crankbrothers has expanded its popular Stamp line of flat pedals with options to suit a wider range of budgets including an all-new uber spendy version and a signature pedal from Danny MacAskill.


The Stamp was introduced early last year, and quickly set itself aside from most other flats by offering two platform sizes. Now, its range has been expanded and ordered numerically, and you can take a closer look in our breakdown below.

Crankbrothers Stamp 11

Stamp 11s are going to look seriously good alongside SRAM’s Eagle group
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media
Stealing the show is the new Stamp 11, which is essentially a pimped version of the original Stamp — which you can read about in detail here.

Arriving in a fetching black and gold finish, these come in at a claimed 299g in the smaller size and 325g in large.

A titanium axle sits at the centre of the familiar concave bodies, which taper down to just 11mm in places. No fewer than 10 adjustable pins feature on each side.

  • £269.99 / €300 / $300

Crankbrothers Stamp 7

The original Stamp has now been renamed the Stamp 7
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

The Stamp 7 is the new name for what was the original Stamp pedal, and it’s essentially the same as the above but minus the titanium axle.

A pair will add a claimed 345g (S) or 375g (L) to your bike.

These are available in a red or black anodised finish.

  • £129.99 / €150 / $150

Crankbrothers Stamp 3

The Stamp 3 is available in this anodised blue or black
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

The Stamp 3 is a fresh introduction to the range, making for a more economical Stamp that trades off features similar to that of the more expensive Stamp models.

Like the rest, you still get the choice of two platform sizes.

The bodies of the Stamp 2 and 3 aren’t as slim or light as those used in the higher end pedals
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media
A new forged aluminium body shares the same platform sizes and 10 adjustable pin arrangement as the Stamp 7 and 11, but uses a form that is overall a fair bit thicker at 16mm.

These come in at 399g (S) or 455g (L), depending on which size you choose. They’re sold in blue and black anodised finishes while a signature silver Danny MacAskill version is also available at no extra cost.

The Danny MacAskill signature pedal uses a unique silver finish and holds no premium over a regular Stamp 3
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media
  • £89.99 / €99 / $99

Crankbrothers Stamp 2

The Crankbrothers Stamp 2 in its unique raw die-cast finish
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

Last but not least is the Stamp 2, the most affordable way to stand on Stamps. These use a platform that’s identical to the Stamp 3s but they’re made using a cheaper die-cast process.

This means they’re a touch heavier at (S) 415g or (L) 470g, but they use the same proven guts as their more expensive siblings and still rock 10 adjustable pins.

The Stamp 2s are available in black and red as well as a raw finish that’s unique to their die-cast construction.

  • £69.99 / €79.99 / $79.99

Most of these pedals will be in stock with Crankbrothers dealers by September 2017.