This new Ibis handlebar lets you fine-tune fit without commitment

Here’s how to cut your handlebar without actually cutting your handlebar

Most of today’s mountain bike handlebars come in stock lengths of 780mm to 800mm. While these widths work for some riders, they’re too wide for others.


Ibis realized that many riders are wary of cutting their handlebars down to size since it’s a one-way change. “We’ve seen many riders using bars that were either too wide or too narrow, so we created a fit solution that would make it easy to experiment with different bar widths,” the company noted in a press release.

Ibis’s solution was to develop versions of its high- and low-rise handlebars that employ a pair of cut-able aluminum inserts, which thread into alloy sleeves bonded into the carbon handlebar.

The new Adjustable-Width handlebar is 750mm-wide with 50mm of extra length from 25mm alloy inserts

The total handlebar width with the inserts installed is 800mm. Removing them results in a width of 750mm. If you prefer a 780mm-wide bar, simply cut 10mm off each side of the alloy inserts.

If you decide you want to go back to 800mm, you can purchase replacement inserts from Ibis for $15. (UK and Australian pricing have yet to be announced.)

The benefit of this system is that it allows bicycle retailers, fit specialists and riders to easily customize fit without committing to a width by cutting the carbon handlebar — measure twice, cut as needed.

Cut-able inserts allow riders to fine-tune fit without cutting their actual handlebar

The Hi-Fi has a claimed weight of 249g — 24g more than the non-adjustable width version. The Lo-Fi has a claimed weight of 238g. Both handlebars use 31.8mm clamps.

Ibis is offering its Adjustable-Width handlebars on complete bikes equipped with the 30mm Hi-Fi and 10mm Low-Fi handlebars now on XT, XO1 and XX1 builds. Customers eyeing budget-minded NX and GX builds can upgrade to these bars for an upcharge.

Ibis offers the Adjustable-Width bar in low- (10mm) and high-rise (30mm) versions

The Adjustable-Width bars will be available aftermarket this fall and will retail for $169.99. They are backed by a seven-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Ibis’s Adjustable Width handlebar

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