This transformer handlebar turns drop bars to aero bars and back

Morf Technology Trifold bars are base bars that turn into aerobars

Have you ever wished for an easier way to transition from your time trial bike’s base bar to the aero bars? Or have you even wanted a more aero position on your standard drop bars? Or have you longed for a quicker way to get back to the brake levers? Morf Technology claims to have solved all those issues and more with its unique Trifold bars.



Morf Technology Trifold bars highlights

  • Fit standard 31.8mm stem
  • Used with standard aero bar shifters
  • Integrated brake assemblies included
  • 3rd party brakes, both mechanical and hydraulic can be accommodated
  • Machined from hard-anodized billet aluminum
  • Claimed weight of 940 grams including arm pads and brake assembly
Another view of the Trifold bars in aero extension
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Transforming bars: base to aero

The interesting part of the Trifold bars is that they’re hinged to be able to transform from a normal bar to out front straight aero bars. This is achieved by squeezing a lever on each side. 

For safety and ease of use, the levers must be activated together and the left and right bar move in a synchronized motion. That means both bars are always in the same position.

The bars remain locked when in base bar mode, but do not remain locked when in aero mode. The bar’s founder, Frank Springget, says this is “so a rider can easily and quickly get out of the aero tuck and back into normal riding position.” 


In addition to switching from a base bar to an aero bar, the Trifold is claimed to work with any 19mm (3/4in) internal diameter bar. That means fitment with a variety of aero extensions or road bike drop bars.

From base bar to aero bar with a simple squeeze of two levers
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

The bar can also be rotated in the stem for a more upright, sometimes called a ‘mantis’, aero position. 

Morf Technology says it will have mounts for bar-mounted computers and hydration systems that will work with bars in either riding position.



The Trifold bars are legal in WTC and USAT events currently, and UCI approval is being worked on, mainly for time trials. 

Morf Technology Trifold bars pricing and availability

Pricing will be around $1,100. (UK and AU$ was not immediately available). Availability has not been set, as Morf Technology is still sorting out manufacturing.