This two day cycling package-holiday will set you back just $32,500

But don't complain, it includes a custom Ventum One

Ventum is offering a package holiday like no other to the few that can afford the Signature Edition of its ‘striking’ One triathlon bike.


Your Signature Experience with Ventum starts with a first-class flight from your home to the brand’s base in Scottsdale, Arizona, where you will spend two days and nights at a five-star resort.

During this time, you will spend a full day with the engineers and fit specialists at Ventum, perfectly dialing in your position in the company’s very own wind tunnel.

After that, you will spend the day improving the fit of your bike out on the road, and perhaps even more importantly, seriously strengthening your Instagram game with a professional photographer accompanying you on the maiden voyage of your new dream bike.

After all this, you will leave Ventum with not only a completely unique bike, but also a custom helmet painted to match your new ride.

Ventum makes no claims as to what extent this custom-painted helmet will improve your performance out on the road, but you can be certain that you’ll look faster. Or, you’ll appear to have more money than sense. You can decide.

We’ve already spent some time on the Ventum One. Check out this video on our YouTube channel to see how Jamie Wilken’s got on with this ‘unique’ bike

You will also leave Ventum with a far lighter bank balance as the full Signature Edition package will cost you a rather mind-bending $32,500 (approx £26,125/AU$43,000) for the toppest-top-end Dura-Ace, lightweight and fancy-unobtanium-everything-else build pictured.

From the titanium KCNC cassette to the $1,700 jockey wheels, this bike is dripping in some seriously trick (ridiculous) parts

The rather incredible cost of the Ventum One Signature Edition package is perhaps only beaten by the Bugatti ‘super-bike’ we featured last week — you don’t even get a package holiday for the $39,000 the supercar manufacturer is asking for its flat-bar commuter!

What do you think of the Ventum One package? Are you considering remortgaging or merely rolling your eyes at the thought of such excess? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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