Three spoke wheels: coming soon to a mountain bike near you

Carbon fibre tri-spokes return, this time for enduro bikes

Three, it’s a magic number. Well it certainly is for Spengle, which believes its new carbon fibre tri-spoke mountain bike wheels are the most advanced in the world.


These 27.5in carbon fibre tri-spokes do away with a traditional rim, spoke and hub arrangement in favour of a one-piece carbon monocoque. The idea here is that loads and stresses are shared across the entire component rather than disproportionality across a rim, spokes and hub.

This way, Spengle also claims, its three spokers can claim improved shock absorption as well as durability over conventional wheels.

I swear this thing used to have more spokes than this

In terms of aerodynamics, the spokes or blades of the Spengle wheels have been developed to “minimise turbulence and increase stability at high speeds.” Their 24mm internal rim profile is hookless, making for easier tyre fitment and optimisation for tubeless tyres. The hubs are Spengle own-brand items and are available in Boost and regular widths with 15mm and 12mm axles. Complete wheelsets are claimed to start at 1,750g.

Spengle itself has been producing carbon three-spoke bicycle wheels for a couple of decades already, and this sort of wheel design has seen popularity in the time-trial and BMX worlds for a long time.

Aesthetically speaking, these rims face the same controversy as tri-spokes that have gone before them, and leave us somewhere between sweet memories of Skyway Mags and the bold designs found on ‘90s cars.

Designed for trail and enduro use, they’re ready to accept high volume tubeless tyres and disc brake rotors

The wheels are available to purchase for €1,490 a pair or as part of a wheel system that includes tyres and brake rotors for €1,790.


So, are you into these three spokes or do bad things really arrive in threes? Let us know in the comment box.

It’s fair to say the looks are an acquired taste