Tickets for 2012 London Olympics go on sale in March

Book your place at the road, track, mountain biking or BMX events

Like Victoria Pendleton says, if you're interested in attending the 2012 Olympics you'd better register your interest now

Tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games will go on sale from 15 March to 26 April this year. Instead of being issued on a first come, first served basis, places at oversubscribed events will be allocated via a ballot.


So, anyone interested in watching any of the road, track, BMX or cross-country mountain bike racing will have six weeks to make their mind up. The London Organising Committee is advising people to sign up to the London 2012 ticketing database now.

Full details of the ticket buying process, along with the finalised schedule for all 650 Olympic events, are expected to be released next month. Tickets for the Paralympic Games will go on sale on 9 September, with prices due to be announced in May.


The road racing will take place between Saturday 28 July and Wednesday 1 August along a 240km (150-mile) course for the men and 130km (80-mile) for the women. Tickets will cost £20, £40 and £60.


Track cycling at the newly-built velodrome kicks off on Thursday 2 August and lasts until Tuesday 7 August, with ticket prices for the preliminary rounds set at £150, £95, £65, £40 or £20. For the finals, tickets will cost £325, £225, £150, £95 or £50.

Mountain biking

Off-road racing takes place at Hadleigh Farm in Essex on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 August. Spectating will cost you £20 or £45.


Racing will kick off at the new BMX track at the Olympic park on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 August, with ticket prices set at £95, £65, £55, £40 or £20 for the preliminary rounds, and £125, £75, £55, £45 or £20 for the finals.


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