Top 5 BikeRadar videos of 2019 | From bumper group tests to racing a dog

From bumper-size group tests to racing a dog, 2019 was a vintage year for the BikeRadar YouTube channel

Ruby the Trail Dog riding with Jack Luke and Joe Norledge

2019 was a sensational year for the BikeRadar YouTube channel – our audience continued to grow, we’ve went on some truly daft adventures and the videos we published were some of our favourite, and most popular, ever.

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To save you the hassle of watching through our whole back catalogue (though you totally should), here’s a rundown of our top five videos of 2019 — from bumper group tests to racing a trail dog on e-bikes.

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The best mountain bike suspension forks | Huge 10-fork mega-test

Our resident tech nerd, Seb Stott, released the results of his bumper-sized 10-way mountain bike fork group test back in April.

If you are considering buying a new fork, this incredibly in-depth industry-leading group test is a must-watch (or read, if you prefer).

Top 5 | 2020 road bikes

2019 saw the launch of a number of new road bikes, including the Colnago V3Rs, along with updates to some of the most important models on the market, such as the Trek Domane.

Our round-up of the most exciting models for 2020 – most of which in typical model year madness were available in 2019 – was one of our top-performing videos of the year and our choices for what made the cut were, as ever, typically divisive.

Give the comments a read on this one.

CeramicSpeed’s chainless mountain bike and road drivetrain now shifts

CeramicSpeed’s Driven chainless drivetrain concept has been making waves since it debuted way back at Eurobike 2018.

The original version of the groupset was limited to a single speed setup but, at the 2019 edition of Eurobike, we saw a version that could also shift.

We spoke to Alex Rosenbury, one of the lead designers on the project and his insight into the design made for one of the most interesting videos of the year.

Racing the world’s fastest trail dog | Joe and Jack take on Ruby the Vizsla

At the other end of the silly spectrum, we saw the return of the most-loved honorary member of the BikeRadar team, Ruby the Trail Dog.

In episode 12 of BikeRadar Diaries, Jack and Joe raced Ruby on a pair of e-bikes and have their legs torn off by the marvellous pooch.

The bike that made Tom quit his car | Riese & Müller electric cargo bike

E-bikes. They may be divisive but they’re undoubtedly practical, particularly when pressed into cargo go-getting duties on a suitably load-friendly bike.

That’s exactly what Tom Marvin found when he tested his Riese & Müller Multicharger cargo bike.

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It totally changed how he approached getting around the city and transporting his bike, and sparked a renewed interest in this increasingly important category on BikeRadar.