Top 8 new cycling images on Google Street View

Have you been snapped by Googlecam?

Online behemoths Google have hit the headlines this month for adding cycling directions to their maps, but they’ve also been quietly updating Street View.


This function on Google Maps lets you view photographs of locations from street level, and when it was first launched some amusing cycling images were captured for posterity, including a US teenager falling off his bike and a two-bike crash in Bristol, England.

Without any fanfare, the coverage has now been extended – in the UK it now covers most of the country, while before it was just 25 cities – and that means there are plenty more cycling shots to check out!

We’ve been combing the maps for pictures of riders, as well as the weird and wonderful, and asking our faithful forum members whether they’ve been caught pre, during or post-ride – and here are our results. If you feature on the maps, let us know in the comments box below.

1 BikeRadar forum’s Linsen, ITBoffin and Attica near Yatton, North Somerset, UK

Linsen and friends 1:

and again:

Linsen and friends 2:

2 Our forum’s Andyrich1 and his partner on holiday in the Outer Hebrides:


3 ShockedsoShocked on his way out for a ride:


4 HoHoHoBlueGiant during an afternoon off in Derbyshire:


“We’d got a bonus afternoon off work as the system was down for maintenance so four of us headed off into the Derbyshire countryside. All the traffic was stopped (as was the Google camera) as the fire engine was doing a three-point turn in the middle of the road. That’s me at the back behind three hybrids (the shame!)!”

5 Plenty of bikes to rent at the Velib station in Paris:

Velib station, paris:

6 Cyclists in the CzechRepublic, plus the helmet of the Google trike rider:

Czech republic action:

7 Tandem action in Denmark:

Tandem action:

8 Calling for help or having a smoke? In Canada.

Canada rider:

9. Seagull hogs the limelight in Brighton, England:

Seagull! :

Are you featured on Google Street View? Let us know in the comments box below.