Touring nerds celebrate — Shimano launches Deore T6000 groupset

Triple chainset and V-brakes pique the interest of bearded travellers the world over

Bicycle touring devotees the world over have reason to celebrate as today sees Shimano launch its new entry-level touring groupset, Deore T6000.


In typical Shimano fashion, the new group sees oodles of trickle-down from its higher-end groupsets, with influence from the Deore M6000 mountain bike groupset very apparent.

The new T6000 group sits below the XT-level T8000 and adopts the easy to understand naming scheme used throughout Shimano’s lineup (T standing for touring, R for road, and M for mountain bike).

The rear mech has been updated and now uses the brands long-standing, low-profile Shadow design

Starting from the back, the updated 10-speed rear mech has adopted the low-profile, Shadow design that is now used throughout pretty much the whole Shimano range, though it doesn’t include a clutch, which helps to avoid dropping the chain on rough terrain.

Handily, if this is likely to be a problem the group is also compatible with the brand’s 10-speed mountain bike groupsets

A triple chainset is a rare sight these days but has a real place on touring bikes

The chainset has also seen an update and is now a Hollowtech design. This is only available in a triple configuration, but these still have a real place in the touring world, where lugging a zillion KGs of crap up an Alp is an experience best done with a 26t chainring.

Those with larger phalanges who insist on still using V-brakes will also be pleased to hear that the group includes two different options for V-brake levers, with the BL-T6111 lever accommodating three whole fingers and the BL-T610 two.

We can only imagine the power that a three-finger hydraulic disc brake affords

Interestingly, the group also includes a three-finger hydraulic lever option in the form of the BL-T6000 — we can only imagine how powerful a fistful of hydraulic braking feels!

The front mech has also been updated and is said to shift smoother than ever

In line with the rest of Shimano’s lineup, the front mech has seen lots of updates, though a side-swing option is not included in this groupset.

The groupset is available in either black or this handsome brushed silver finish

The groupset is available in either a pleasingly shiny silver finish or a “stealthy matt black” (though we’re yet to see a touring bike that could be described as ‘stealthy’).

Said to allow you to “unleash your inner explorer to discover new grounds on your way to and from the office,” the group is likely to be seen as a spec’ option on higher-end hybrids.

Designed with long-term reliability in mind, the new group is also said to be able to “meet the dynamic demands of both urban commuting and gravel riding.” What exactly is dynamic of these demands is unclear, but if the Japanese giant’s other groups are anything to go by, it should last the test of time.

The groupset is expected to be available from late July onwards and is available for preorder now. Pricing is still TBC.


Are you lusting after the new group to complete an anything-ready horizon chasing tourer or will you simply be “unleashing your inner explorer” on route to work? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to share any pictures of some particularly adventurous commutes that this most hardy of groupsets would be suitable for.