TrainerRoad and Zwift release updates

And new two-way ANT+ communication for indoor training

If you’re a member of the online training world, then you’ll be familiar with the constant updates the leaders do to keep you in top form. Both TrainerRoad and Zwift have announced long lists of new features and updates to their respect software offerings – we round up the highlights below.


Some of these updates come off the back of the recently announced ANT+ Fitness Equipment Control (FE-C). This new protocol enables two-way communication between ANT+ enabled smart fitness equipment and ANT+ smart displays. Simply, this allows smart devices to control the difficulty of compatible fitness equipment in live time – while also sending data back to the unit.

Tacx trainers along with Kinomap Trainer were the first to announce the function. The Tacx Vortex Smart and Bushido Smart trainers are compatible with this new protocol. More trainer manufactures are expected to follow.


With the recent entry of a new competitor Today’s Plan, US-based TrainerRoad has reacted with a full list of upgrades in its new 5.0 iOS app (no word on Android or Windows apps yet).

TrainerRoad can now be linked with Strava, TrainingPeaks or Dropbox accounts to automatically sync workouts.

Training plan options in trainerroad’s ios app: training plan options in trainerroad’s ios app

In-app intervals receive improved analysis function

Training plans can now found in the app, and you’re able to follow directly on screen with improved metrics. Also making things easier is the ability to filter workouts in the iOS app by duration, power zone and other metrics.

PowerMatch is a new feature that will let power meter users sync their power with an electronic trainer. This should prove a useful feature for anyone who has found a discrepancy between both devices during an indoor workout.

And TrainerRoad is an earlier adopter of the FE-C program, offering support for compatible Tacx trainers (and future brands).


The online multiplayer training game only just announced its move to Open Beta, and has now released a handful of new features. This follows the recent announcement that Zwift too works with FE-C enabled devices (Tacx trainers).

You can now pair your power meter and electronic trainer : you can now pair your power meter and electronic trainer

Device syncing has been made easier, and power meter users get improved options too

Just like TrainerRoad, users of power meters and power-equipped electronic trainers can now pair the two devices – so that the power being used is the one they’d normally use out on the road.

For those on Zwift with just a speed sensor and classic trainer, you’ll be able to choose between virtual power modes. A new ‘zPower’ mode accounts for acceleration, although is currently only available on Kurt Kinetic, CycloOps Fluid 2 and JetBlack Z1 trainers.


Users can now control screen resolution (Retina support added). And lastly, users on PC or Mac will be able to play Zwift on full screen.