Training gives lorry drivers a cyclist’s perspective

Programme part of CEMEX UK's commitment to safer cycling

The training gave LGV drivers a view of the road from a cyclist's perspective

Lorries are often the motor vehicle most feared by cyclists. So it’s encouraging to hear about training like building materials suppliers CEMEX UK’s cyclist awareness programme.


Devised and delivered by CTC’s senior training instructor Greg Woodford, the one-day course gave HGV drivers an idea of what cyclists deal with on traffic-filled roads by getting them onto bikes. In the past, CEMEX have also encouraged cyclists (3,000 to date) to get into the cab of their vehicles and see the road from their perspective.


“We all know that cycling is a cost-effective, fast and green means of transport,” said Woodford. “However, LGVs pose a greater risk to cyclists than any other vehicle. This training aimed to mitigate those threats by giving drivers the cyclists’ view of the road. I’m delighted at the commitment to road safety demonstrated by CEMEX and at the progress made by their staff in the cycle training course. It’s now up to other haulage corporations to follow their lead and demonstrate their road safety credentials.”