Trek Project One to cover mountain bikes

Customization program to include three Superfly and Fuel EX models

After launching more than a decade ago, Trek’s Project One customization program has finally added mountain bikes to its range. Just three models are included for now, but it’s a move that’s long overdue and a sign of more options to come in the future.


Initially, only the Superfly 9.9 SL hardtail, Superfly FS 9.9 SL cross-country full-suspension bike, and Fuel EX 29 9.9 trail bikes will be covered. Either way, the list of options is impressive and costs vary accordingly.

“Customization is what the consumer is getting used,” said Trek senior product manager John Riley, “and it’s what they’re expecting when they’re making that kind of purchase.”

Project One might not be fully custom in terms of paint colors and graphic schemes (you can only select from nine graphics options and a discrete – though generous – selection of hues) but there’s more than enough flexibility to keep most buyers satisfied. This includes nine rather bold new options in addition to the ones already on the palette: Viper Red, Dnister Black, Hot Grape, Liquid Green, Liquid Red, Lucky Green, Nysa Blue, Powder Blue, Fastback Orange, and Flamingo Pink.

Want to upgrade to a remote lockout for the rear shock? sure, you can do that:
James Huang/Future Publishing

How wild do you want to get with the paint?

As on the road and time trial/triathlon side of Project One, the breadth of component options is also impressively generous, including drivetrain, brakes, bottom bracket, rear shock remotes, fork, headset, saddle, wheels, handlebar, grips, tires, seatpost, and stem. Several of those parts have additional sizing options as well.

While Trek’s Project One mountain bike options are rather limited for now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see other high-end options such as the Remedy 9.9 and Session 9.9 added shortly. Riley suggested that the range of models is certainly poised to grow: “This is just the beginning,” he said.

Once you’re done configuring your trek project one mountain bike, you can save it to your ‘bike rack’, email it to friends, print out an image, or send the spec to a local project one dealer to get the order process rolling:
James Huang/Future Publishing

You can send the spec to a local Project One dealer to get the order process rolling


Got some time to kill? Head over to the Trek Project One website now and start tinkering.