Trek Silque gets front-end IsoSpeed treatment for 2017

Updated Silque joins three new Domane models with decoupler technology up front

Trek has unveiled the new Silque SLR, its first women’s specific endurance road bike to feature an IsoSpeed decoupler at the front end, creating what Trek claims is the “most comfortable performance road bikes on the market”.


The endurance-focused Silque and its brother the Domane have featured a rear IsoSpeed decoupler, which allows the seat tube to flex and pivot independently of the top tube, for some time.

Early in 2016, Trek released the new Domane SLR, which saw this technology transferred to the front of the bike, with a second pivot in the steerer tube. The new Silque SLR is the women’s-specific version of this bike. Trek claims a “10% increase in front-end compliance over a traditional road bike”.

Trek have unveiled the updated 2017 silque range, including updated s models, and the all-new slr:

It’s more than just a case of producing smaller frames and adding a feminine paint job, however. The Silque SLR has been re-engineered, with updated women’s-specific geometry, and somewhat cryptically described ‘intriguing’ graphics. The rear IsoSpeed has also been updated, and is now adjustable via a sliding lever.

Another new feature are the direct-mount brakes, allowing greater clearance for those wishing to take their road bike off-road or fit wider tyres. 

The Silque SLR will be available in two models globally: the SLR 6, retailing at £3,600 / $4,999.99 /AU$5,799, and the SLR 7 retailing at £4,400 / $5,999.99 / AU$6,799. In the US only, you’ll also be able to purchase the SLR frameset, at $2,999.99. 

The cheaper Silque S model, while not featuring a front IsoSpeed decoupler, does get the updated geometry of the SLR. Both frames are carbon, and Trek is clearly pushing the adventure side of riding, stating that the bike is suitable for a little light gravel riding or off-road antics, over and above its tarmac credentials. 

The new silque slr features an isospeed decoupler at the front as well as the rear, giving, trek claim, the most comfortable endurance road bike yet:

The Silque S will be available in four models, with three available globally. They are the Silque S 4 (£1,400 / $1,899.99 / AU$2,599), Silque S 5 (£1,600 / $2,199.99 / AU$3,199), Silque S 6 (£2,000 / $2,699.99 / AU$3,699) and the Silque S 7 which is only available in the US ($3,499.99). As with the SLR, the Silque S frameset will be available to US markets for $1,499.99. 

The men’s/unisex Domane range also gets a look-in, with three new or updated models joining the lineup alongside the new SLR. These include the new carbon-framed Domane SL which has a front IsoSpeed decoupler and direct-mount brakes, with greater clearance allowing up to 28mm tyres. The Domane S gets an update, with carbon frame and rear IsoSpeed. 

Brand new models also include the alloy-framed Domane ALR, which employs the same Invisible Weld Techology as the updated Trek Emonda.