Trek Silque women’s endurance bike released

Isospeed decoupler brought over from Domane to women's design

The Trek Silque (pronounced ‘Silk’) is a brand new women’s endurance road bike with the Isospeed decoupler popularized by the Trek Domane. The Isospeed decoupler allows the seatpost and seat tube to flex somewhat independently from the rest of the frame, offering a smoother ride in the process. Trek claims the design doubles the vertical compliance (read: flex) of the bike, and in testing in the UK, US and Australia, BikeRadar has certainly found the effect to be substantial.


Each of the Trek Silque carbon frames is built with size-specific tuning, meaning the larger frames are slightly stiffer than the smaller ones to deliver a similar ride across the size range.

Also, Trek created a new women’s geometry with the Silque. Compared to previous past Trek women’s bikes, the Silque has a shorter seat tube, a taller head tube and a longer wheelbase. The aim, according to Trek, was a stable but lively bike, combining attributes of the Domane endurance bike with the Madone race bike.

The bike comes in four models, the Silque, Silque SL, Silque SLX and the Project One Silque SSL. The Silque starts at US$2,000/£1,500/AU$2,199. The Silque SSL is US$6,600/£5,000/AU$6,999 and is also available through Project One.


BikeRadar recently received a test sample of the Silque and will be reviewing it soon.

The isospeed decoupler doubles the vertical compliance of the bike with a standard seat tube junction, trek claims: