TriRig Omega centre-pull brake – Just in

A brake to make you go faster

The TriRig Omega centre-pull brake falls squarely into the category of marginal aero gains from equipment, but it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a new brake.


Thanks to Dr Andrew Coggan’s small scale wind tunnel tests, it’s claimed that a front TriRig Omega will give you an aero benefit of 5 seconds over 25 miles (0.001 CdA improvement) compared to a side-pull Dura-Ace. 

That doesn’t sound like much for a US$175 brake but it is at least cheaper than a Dura-Ace caliper. Similarly, it’s claimed to be more aero than just about every other ‘aero’ brake on the market.

We have one in for testing, and while we’re unlikely to be able to tease out the exact aero benefits on the road, we will put it through its paces as best we can. One thing we can say is that it’s very light, at 122g on our scales including bolts and Kool Stop Salmon brake pads.

For more information, see the TriRig website

The tririg omega centre-pull aero brake: the tririg omega centre-pull aero brake
Jeff Jones/

The Kool Stop Salmon pads are designed for alloy rims