TRP HY/RD and Spyre road disc brakes – first look

Plus RevoX rim brakes for cyclocross riders

As reported on BikeRadar recently, TRP have been hard at work trying to provide a better-functioning disc calliper for road bikes, and at this week’s Core Bike the HY/RD and Spyre were on show. 


Rather than pushing one brake pad against the rotor and flexing it against the other pad, both of the new TRP units have independently operated pads for a symmetrical action that should also give greater clearance.

The Spyre is a compact, light and very neat unit, fully mechanical with the usual adjustments, whereas the HY/RD is a hybrid – the brake cable connects conventionally but actuates a pair of hydraulic pistons for a smooth, powerful action. 

Both units are so new that there aren’t any details regarding availability or pricing yet. But for those who want mechanical discs or are unable to plump for a full hydraulic system, which would involve replacing brake/shift levers and hose routing, TRP might have provided an option.

RevoX rim brake for cyclocross

For cyclocross riders who still favour rim brakes, TRP have expanded on their superb EuroX range with the new RevoX cantilevers. Available in alloy or carbon, they have a semi-low profile, dual spring tension adjusters, a straddle barrel adjuster and the excellent Inplace Adjust pads. 

The alloy version comes in black or silver, weighs 128g per wheel and retails at £99.99 (US$159.99), while the RevoX Carbon comes in black white or neon yellow, weighs 122g per wheel, including all the titanium hardware, and will cost £239.99 (US$299.99).

TRP’s new revox carbon cantilever brake:
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

TRP’s new RevoX Carbon cantilever brake


For more information see the TRP website.