TRP unveils Aaron Gwin ‘G-Spec’ brakes

Aaron Gwin’s partnership with TRP is much more than just a sponsorship deal

Two new Aaron Gwin signature series brakes have emerged from TRP. Spotted in Taipei, the ‘G-Spec’ components are based loosely on the company’s existing Quadiem and Slate components and have been unveiled ahead of their official launch which was planned for Sea Otter 2017.


TRP’s Dave Biehler explained: “working with Aaron has been the best collaboration we’ve had with any pro rider to date. Aaron gives the kind of exacting feedback on product that’s pretty much unheard of. Throughout the development phases on the brakes we’ve had as many as nine different prototypes travelling between ourselves and Aaron’ with him [Gwin] providing tweaks and requests that have led to a myriad of designs for the lever, the feel, adjustment and more.

TRP Quadiem G-Spec

The Gwin designed lever looks impressive on the Quadiem with its bright polished finish
Warren Rossiter/Immediate media

The Quadiem G-Spec is the unit that Gwin has ridden to success (and his YT Mob team) with World Cup wins.The four-piston caliper is forged, then CNCd, polished and anodised giving the G-Spec that extra touch of class visually. The brake’s forged construction and titanium hardware helps keep the weight down to a very respectable 320g.

The G-Spec Quadiem gets a very special finish, with the caliper body forged, CNCd polished and anodized
Warren Rossiter/Immediate media

The lever features I-Spec and Matchmaker compatibility for the first time and features a signature lever with a highly modified shape and custom texturing.The lever also features the Detent reach adjuster, neatly realised with a knurled dial sitting on brass fittings. The internals of the caliper have also had plenty of work, with a new composite material lining the hybrid pistons for vastly improved heat management.

The Detent adjuster gets brass fittings the Quadiem, the remaning hardware is all titanium
Warren Rossiter/Immediate media

This has also meant that the G-Spec can be run (like Aaron) with TRP’s new sintered pads for mighty stopping power. If you don’t need the out and out World Cup level DH braking of the Quadiem then TRP has also worked on the more all-round orientated Slate G-Spec.

The Quadiem G-Spec will retail for $199.99/£199.99/AUS TBC

Slate G-Spec

G-Spec brakes get a much more special finish than their standard rivals and reworked internals too
Warren Rossiter/Immediate media

Another four piston unit, the G-Spec Slate features signature Aaron Gwin lever shaping complete with Detent reach adjust.Inside the pistons, like the Quadiem, are a hybrid composite, just specced to be somewhat lighter.

The lever clamp gets I-Spec ad Matchmaker compatibility and these, like the Quadiems, are designed around either sintered or organic pads depending on your preference. The Slate tip the scales at 290g (front).

TRP’s G-Spec Slate brake was designed and developed with plenty of input from Aaron Gwin
Warren Rossiter/Immediate media

TRP also showed us its new TR-33 rotors, with a two-piece design and neatly machined finish. These are the rotors to match its flagship G-Spec brakes, though Dave is quick to explain: “We’re super happy with the 33’s performance-wise and they look great with it. Aaron is still using our existing TR-13 rotors, which he’s more than happy with but we are shipping 33s for him to test, but it’s such a critical area in a brake system we want him to be 100% happy with what he’s got. At the moment that’s the 13’s but we’re confident that as soon as he gets chance to run the 33s in his preferred 203mm size he’ll make the switch’.


The Slate G-Spec is set to retail at $149.99/UK TBC/AUS TBC

TRP has a new CNCd rotor called the 33. Gwin isn’t using these yet but TRP tell us he’ll be testing these in his preferred 203mm diameter very soon
Warren Rossiter/Immediate media