Two new 2×10 MTB SRM cranksets

SRM releases Rotor 3D+ and Shimano XT options

On Tuesday SRM announced two new mountain bike power meters, the SRM Rotor 3D+ 2×10 and SRM Shimano MTB 2×10.


BikeRadar first reported on the SRM Rotor power meter back in May.

The two new cranks are built on the same chassis as SRM’s other MTB products — including 2×10 options from Cannondale, FSA and SRAM. Both the SRM Rotor 3D+ 2×10 and the SRM Shimano MTB 2×10 are compatible with Rotor Q-Rings and round rings that work with Shimano MTB drive trains.

SRM says both cranksets were “rigorously tested across the globe” to make sure that they hold up to the elements and the demands of off-road riding and racing.

Both transmit power and cadence data via ANT+Sport, which means they work with SRM’s PowerControl 7 head unit or any other ANT+Sport device, such as a Garmin.

SRM claims the power meters have 950 hours of battery life.

The Rotor 3D+ MTB weighs 662g with a 163mm Q-factor.

The Shimano XT MTB weighs 750g weighs a 172mm Q-factor.


Both retail for $2,399 for the crankset alone, or $3,149 for the crankset and PowerControl 7 head unit.

Shimano xt: shimano xt