UCI simplifies rules for Hour Record athletes

Change could prompt Cancellara to rconsider plans to break nine-year record

Could UCI rule changes to the Hour Record entice Cancellara to have a stab?

The UCI has simplified the regulations governing equipment used by athletes attempting to break the Hour Record.


Under the new rules, the Hour Record can now be broken on any equipment that conforms to regualtions governing bikes used in endurance track events.

The rule change could coax Fabian Cancellara (Trek Factory Racing) to return to plans to tackle the Hour Record, which he put on ice ealier this year until the UCI clarified its rules.

The UCI has also removed the distinction between the Hour Record and Best Human Effort. The latter was brought in by the UCI in 2000 to protect the former contest, as a competition between riders rather than equipment. It also followed a series of radical new frame designs and riding positions pioneered by Graeme Obree and Chris Boardman.  Under the new rules, records set by both Obree and Boardman have been reinstated to the record books.

However the figure still to be beaten is 49.7km/h set by Ondrej Sosenka nine years ago, as he broke the record on a bike that conformed with the track bike regulations that were – and still are – in force.

UCI President Brian Cookson commented: “This new rule is part of the modernisation of the UCI Equipment Regulation. Today there is a general consensus that equipment used in competition must be allowed to benefit from technological evolution where pertinent.


“This kind of evolution is positive for cycling generally and for the Hour Record in particular. This record will regain its attraction for both the athletes and cycling fans.”