UK cyclo-cross round-up: Tricky conditions for racing

Days of rain leaves riders battling through thick mud

Days of rain made for muddy racing this weekend

Days of rain across much of the country left riders battling through thick mud as they finalised their preparations for next weekend’s regional cyclo-cross championships.


Conditions were some of the worst ever seen by organisers and riders in both the North and South, with saturated courses quickly turning into a quagmire.

The jetwash facilities at Hog Hill were in constant use as Lee Valley YCC promoted the 10th round of the London League on Sunday, with several riders changing bikes every half lap.

Arctic Premier RT’s Darren Barclay boosted his bid for the overall title with victory in that event, where he held off London Phoenix’s Gary Lingard by around 20 seconds, while another Arctic rider, Matt Holmes, held off top junior Taylor Johnson (De Vere CC) for third place.

Mosquito Bikes’ Hugo Humphreys had been challenging for the junior prize, but a puncture on the final circuit let in his rival. Barclay had been part of a six-rider group in the early stages, but soon pulled away to take victory alone.

Two wins for Oldham

National Trophy series leader Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) kept his form ticking over nicely with two wins in two events last weekend.

His first victory came in the Wheelbase event at Victoria Park in Haslingden, Lancashire, where he was 1:10 faster than Halfords Bikehut rival Ian Bibby, while Rob Jebb (Wheelbase) was another 44 seconds off the pace.

Following that victory in North West League round eight, Oldham travelled over the Pennines to North Yorkshire to take part in the seventh round of the Yorkshire Points Series at RichmondSchool.

Once again, he took victory, but it was team-mate Dave Collins who he beat into second by 52 seconds, while Bibby had to settle for third this time, 1:29 behind.

“It was easily the worst mud I’ve ever seen,” said event organiser Keith Murray. “Just the sheer deluge overnight made the course un-runable, never mind unrideable. I like a muddy race but it was unbelievable, and we had to change parts of the course to make it useable.

“The best of the youth riders were lapping in around six-and-a-half minutes, but by the time the senior race was on it was so muddy that Paul Oldham was lapping around seven-and-a-half to eight minutes!”

Victory for Eedy at Derby

At Derby, there was another big field for the ninth round of the popular Notts and Derby League event at Sinfin Park on Saturday. This season’s league has usually been a battle between the top three teams of Raleigh Avanti, Matlock CC and Zepnat RT – and the latest event proved no different.

Local rider Ben Eedy (Empella took victory by inches from first veteran Geoff Giddings (Raleigh Avanti) after struggling to master some severely off-camber sloped corners which led to many riders sliding down the banking.

Top Under-23 was Giddings’ team-mate Tom Lowe in third spot, around 20 seconds back, while Matlock’s best finisher was Lee Shunburne in fourth, another 25 seconds off the pace.

Nichols overcomes crash to top podium

David Nichols (Arctic Premier RT) – back after several weeks sidelined by illness – survived a spectacular crash to win the ninth round of the East Anglian Daily Times League at Hempton near Fakenham.

Surprised by a fallen backmarker on a precipitous descent, Nichols braked, lost control, and joined the heap. After two bike changes he lost the lead to round seven winner Michael Raven, but found the strength to power away for the second time and won by 10 seconds.

David’s brother Andrew Nichols (Cambridge University CC) never looked like repeating his round eight win but was secure in third place, ahead of junior winner Matt Cook (API-Metrow).

The new East Coast Riders club made good use of the former sandpit on Hempton Common to provide a varied and technical course including a closed public road and a sandy climb which was a run-up for all but the fittest.

Norwich fireman David Fraser tied up the Veteran’s League with his eighth win in nine races and will now move to race with the Elite Veterans. Mark Farrow (VC Norwich) returned to competition to take second in the non-elite veteran’s race, eight seconds in front of women’s winner Nikki Juniper (PCA Ciclos Uno).

Williams comes first in Wales

Securing his second victory in this season’s Welsh League, Team Wiggle’s Lee Williams proved a convincing winner of the eighth round at PembreyCountryPark in Carmarthenshire on Sunday.


Williams was 1:29 ahead of Kona-Torq rival Antony O’Boyle, while Cardiff JIF’s Ian Jeremiah was 3:44 behind Williams, who could yet make a late bid for the league title after concentrating on the National Trophy for the first half of the season.

London League (Round 10, Hog Hill, London)
1 Darren Barclay (Arctic Premier RT) 01:01:00
2 Gary Lingard (London Phoenix) at 20sec
3 Matt Holmes (Arctic Premier RT) at 40sec
4 Taylor Johnson (De Vere Cycles)
5 Andy Waterman (Dulwich Paragon CC)
6 Hugo Humphreys (Mosquito Bikes)
7 Phillip Webb (San Fairy Ann CC)
8 Phillip Glowinski (VC Londres)
9 Matt Spurgin (Evans Cycles)
10 Phillip English (Pearson Cycles)
Juniors: Taylor Johnson
Veterans: Douglas Fox (Crawley Wheelers)
Women: Corrine Hall (Corridori)
1 Alex Peters (CC Hackney)
2 Jack Finch (VC Deal)
3 Jack Spicer (VC Deal)
4 Tau Geohegan (CC Hackney)
5 Josh Parkin (Herne Hill YCC)
6 Liam Cowell (VC Londres)
Girls: Kimberley English (Palmer Park Velo)
Under-14s: Noah Phillips (VC Londres)
Under-12s: Dan Tullett (Herne Hill YCC)
Under-12 girls: Amy Smith (VC Jubilee)
Under-10s: Ben Tullett (Herne Hill YCC)
Under-10 girls: Gemma Heath (Sutton CC)
North West Cyclo-Cross League (Round eight, Victoria Park, Haslingden, Lancashire)
1 Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) 54:00
2 Ian Bibby (Halfords Bikehut) at 1:10
3 Rob Jebb (Wheelbase) at 1:54
4 Jonny McEvoy (Candi TV-Marshalls Pasta)
5 Matt Denby (
6 Paul Bethell (Macclesfield Wheelers) at 1 lap
7 Roy Hunt (Colnago)
8 Martin Woffindin (SportCity Velo)
9 Stef Chandler (Horwich CC)
10 Mick Style (Manchester Wheelers)
Veterans: Matt Denby (
Under-23s: Luke Beswick (Buxton CC)
Women: Sue Clarke (Wheelbase)
Juniors: Martin Woffindin (SportCity Velo)
1 Dylan Kerfoot-Robson (Rhos-on-Sea CC)
2 Christian Braybrooke (SportCity Velo)
3 Andrew Nixon (Red Rose Olympic)
4 Alex Braybrooke (SportCity Velo)
5 Hannah Leyland (VC St Raphael)
6 Robert Armstrong (Ribble Valley Juniors)
Girls: Hannah Leyland
Under-14s: Dylan Kerfoot-Robson
Under-14 girls: Jessica Wilson-Young (Birkenhead North End CC)
Under-12s: Matt Walls (Eastlands Velo)
Under-12 girls: Kim Baptista (Eastlands Velo)
Yorkshire Points Series (Round seven, Richmond, North Yorkshire)
1 Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) 49:52
2 Dave Collins (Hope Factory Racing) at 52sec
3 Ian Bibby (Halfords Bikehut) at 1:29
4 Rob Jebb (Wheelbase) at 2:43
5 Steven Ward (MTS Cyclesport) at 3:41
6 Tom Moses (Team Wallis CHH) at 3:48
7 Neal Crampton (Crosstrax) at 4:10
8 James Thompson (Sheffrec CC) at 4:14
9 Noel Clough (Fietsen Tempo) at 4:28
10 Ian Taylor (Paul Milnes RT) at 4:39
Juniors: Tom Moses
1 Matt Denby (Zepnat RT) 42:48
2 Jough Watson (Zepnat RT) at 2:33
3 Steve Barnes (Zepnat RT) at 3:01
4 Darrell Bradbury (Norton Wheelers) at 3:51
5 Mike Young (Pedalsport RT) at 4:50
6 Stephen Brazier (MTS Cyclesport) at 5:15
Over-50s: Cliff Featherstone (MTS Cyclesport) 49:17
Over-60s: John Ginley (Condor RC)
Women: Adela Carter (Crosstrax) 49:51
1 Adam Martin (Activ Cycles) 38:13
2 Ed McParland (JD Cycles) at 1:48
3 Joe Moses (Bronte Wheelers) at 3:12
4 Billy Harding (Paul Milnes RT) at 3:43
5 Jake Womersley (Sowerby Bros RT) at 4:57
6 Nick Barnes (Seacroft Wheelers) at 5:31
Under-14s: Billy Harding
Girls: Amira Mellor (Holme Valley Wheelers)
Under-12s: Thomas Mein (Hetton Hawks CC)
Under-12 Girls: Emma Brady (Hetton Hawks CC)
SRAM Notts and Derby Cyclo-Cross League (Round nine, Sinfin Park, Derby)
1 Ben Eedy (Empella 57:27
2 Geoff Giddings (Raleigh Avanti) same time
3 Tom Lowe (Raleigh Avanti) at 20sec
4 Lee Shunburne (Matlock CC) at 47sec
5 Philip Roach (Coventry RC) at 55sec
6 Gavin Hardwicke (Ashfield RC) at 1:00
7 Chris Metcalfe (Matlock CC) at 1:18
8 Gareth Whittall (Beauvale CC) at 2:11
9 Rob Wimble (Zepnat RT) at 3:29
10 Bruce Dalton (Matlock CC) at 3:28
Veterans: Geoff Giddings
Under-23s: Tom Lowe
Juniors: Bruce Dalton
Women: Christine Howard (Matlock CC)
1 Keiron Tennyson (Heanor Clarion) 29:31
2 Joe Kirkham (VC Long Eaton) at 58sec
3 Jake Ledger (unattached) at 1:41
4 James Shaw (Heanor Clarion) at 1:44
5 John Lomas (Matlock CC) at 2:11
6 Lucy Garner (Leicester RC) at 3:55
Under-14s: James Shaw
Girls: Lucy Garner
Under-14 girls: Grace Garner (Leicester RC)
Under-12s: William Gascoyne (Heanor Clarion)
Girls: Georgia Crapper
Under-10s: John Webster (Matlock CC)
Under-10 girls: Ellie Smith (Matlock CC)
East Anglian Daily Times League (Round nine, Fakenham, Norfolk)
1 David Nichols (Arctic Premier RT) 59:04
2 Michael Raven (Extreme Sports Therapy) at 10sec
3 Andrew Nichols (Cambridge University C) at 1:29
4 Matthew Cook (API Metrow) at 2:32
5 Greg Simcock (XRT Elmy Cycles) at 2:52
6 Gavin Rumbles (CC Luton) at 3:00
7 Martin Carter (unattached) at 3:10
8 Steve Barron (VC Lincoln) at 4:21
9 Ian Newby (Diss & District CC) at 4:48
10 Stuart Chatting (Amis Velo RT) at 4:54
Juniors: Matthew Cook
Veterans: Gavin Rumbles
1 David Fraser 37:00
2 Mark Farrow (VC Norwich) at 55sec
3 Nikki Juniper (PCA Ciclos Uno) at 1:03
4 Tony Wilkins (Team Endura) at 1:23
5 Paul Moss (Stowmarket & Dist CC) at 1:32
6 Martin Graves (Newmarket C&TC) at 2:08
Women: Nikki Juniper
1 Joshua Hannah (Extreme Sports Therapy) 30:52
2 Alan Trolove (West Suffolk Wh) at 21sec
3 Lewis Parker (Ipswich BC) at 37sec
4 Patrick Cook (Ipswich BC) at 1:11
5 James Jobber (Colchester Rovers CC) at 1:48
6 Daniel Barnard (Colchester Rovers CC) at 2:05
Under-14s: Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno)
Girls: Imogen Buick (Thetford MTB Racing)
Under-14 girls: Lucy Harper (Maldon & District CC)
Under-12s: Tristan Price (PCA Ciclos Uno)
Welsh League (Round eight, Pembrey Country Park, Carmarthenshire)
1 Lee Williams (Team Wiggle) 48:03
2 Anthony O’Boyle (Kona-Torq) at 1:29
3 Ian Jeremiah (Cardiff JIF) at 3:44
4 Matthew Page (Team Wiggle)
5 Mark Davies (Cardiff JIF)
6 Joe Lally (CC Abergavenny)
7 Mark Spratt (Cardiff JIF)
8 David Jarrom (unattached)
9 Ross Porter (Cwmcarn Paragon)
10 Luke Cornish (Towy Riders)
Veterans: Ian Jeremiah
Women: Laura Williams (Cardiff JIF)
Juniors: Luke Cornish
1 William Worral (Towy Riders)
2 Owen James (Towy Riders)
3 Matthew Thompson (Maindy Flyers)
4 Scott Davies (Towy Riders)
5 Geraint Manly (Cardiff JIF)
Girls: Am Roberts (Cardiff JIF)
Under-14s: Sam Beckingsale (Abergavenny RC)
Under-14 girls: Emily Haycox (Maindy Flyers)
Under-12s: Teifion Best (Abergavenny RC)
Under-12 girls: Jessica Roberts (Towy Riders)
Under-10s: Joe Beckingsale (Abergavenny RC)
Under-10 girls: Megan James (Abergavenny RC)