Ultimate Bike Solution from Scottoiler – just in

Spray claims to reduce cleaning time and lubricate drivetrain

Scottoiler Ultimate Bike Solution

We understand that it’s hard to get excited by products like this, but bear with us on this one, because if it works as claimed, Ultimate Bike Solution could be a game-changer.


Milky in appearance and watery in consistency, Ultimate Bike Solution is a protective spray that doubles as a lubricant. The idea is to apply the solution before you ride, paying particular attention to the drivetrain. When you return from your ride, your bike should be easy to hose down using nothing but water.

Once the bike is clean, the solution should then be reapplied and left in place to protect against corrosion and once again make for an easy wash after the next ride. Essentially, the Ultimate Bike Solution intends to do away with the need to degrease and lubricate your drivetrain – bold claims indeed.

Ultimate bike solution from scottoiler

Video: Will Ultimate Bike Solution be a game-changer?

If you don’t have access to the tap then it’s ok to be left on your bike – it can also be used to prevent corrosion and break down dirt or road muck for an easy clean once you get around to it. Repeated use is said to build up a protective layer, that will increase its effectiveness further. 

Where’s the catch? Well, you’ll have to keep it away from your brakes and tyres, although if you do contaminate your stoppers, then Scottoiler says the product is easily washed off with water.

It’s aimed at roadies and mountain bikers alike and a 750ml spray bottle will set you back £9.98 / US$15. A 50ml drip bottle is also available, perfect for drivetrain application, but it comes with a severe price hike at £4.99 a bottle.


As usual we’ll be putting this to the test so that you don’t have to – stay tuned to BikeRadar for a full review in the near future.