Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip, Schwalbe Easy Fit – Just in

Lubricants make mounting tubeless tyres easier

Tubeless mounting solutions: Uncle Dick's Bead Slip and Schwalbe Easy Fit

Getting tight tubeless tyres mounted on wheels can sometimes be a struggle, and while soap suds have been a go-to remedy for many, there are a few purpose-built products out there that can help. Recently, bike industry veteran Rich Travis launched Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip, which took some cues from an automotive solution, and Schwalbe sells something called Easy Fit that comes in a handy applicator bottle. 


Although targeted for sale to bike shop service departments, home mechanics can also buy Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip, which you paint on with a brush or just apply with your fingers.

So why not just use soap suds for a little help?

“Soapy water travels down into rims, causing rim strips to move under load, thus exposing machined spoke holes,” Travis said. “So it’s the paste-like consistency that keeps the [Bead Slip] where it needs to be — on the bead. This product is designed for shop use, mechanics and racers. Anyone changing tyres often will see common issues, and this product is for them.”

Bead Slip is $19 for a 2.7oz tin.

Schwalbe’s Easy Fit is $11.55 for a 50mL applicator bottle, with 1,000mL refills available. The sponge tip on the bottle allows for easy application.


Any excess Easy Fit that you don’t wipe off evaporates within a few minutes.