Universally adapt clipless pedals to flats with Fly Pedal V2

Version two seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter

It’s amazing how much of a deterrent clipless pedals can be when it comes to using your bike for short, utility trips. Fly Pedal turns those pedals into a grippy flat pedal, so you can leave your cycling shoes behind.

The flats are compatible with any two or three-bolt cleat :

The Fly Pedals are compatible with just about every pedal and cleat system

While there are other pedal adapters on the market like those from Bikedabs, Problem Solvers, Pub Pedals and the big pedal brands, each locks you into a specific pedal system or style of cleat. What’s most exciting about the Fly Pedal is that it’s compatible with any two-hole mountain bike, or three-hole road cleat and pedal system.

Based on customer feedback, Fly Pedal has upgraded the V2 platform to be a claimed 31 per cent lighter than the original. They feature integrated toe strap mounts, an off-centre balance point for easy starts and traction pins for a solid grip.

The second iteration (V2) of the Fly Pedal adds 6mm hex key compatibility and finger holds for easy removal. Fly Pedal also says its platforms can be removed with a heavy twist of your foot.

The fly pedals allow you to leave your cycling shoes at home for short trips:

The Fly Pedal V2 is made from high quality materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee

Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the Fly Pedals should be just about bombproof. However, if there’s a mishap, the platforms are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Fly Pedals will retail for US$39, but you’ll need to add your own cleats to that price.


With just over a month to go in its Kickstarter campaign, the Fly Pedal V2 looks on target to fulfilling its goal. For more information, or to donate to Fly Pedal, visit the campaign page – and make sure to watch the video.