University-branded road bikes

Lehigh may have country’s only branded bikes by a custom builder

In college towns, branded merchandise is common: hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, bumper stickers, you name it. But university-branded bikes made by a custom framebuilder? Rich Adams’ limited edition run of Lehigh University road bikes may be a first.


The owner of Around Town Bicycles, Adams is also a framebuilder. He recently signed an agreement with Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to make a limited run of handmade bikes with the university’s name.

At the Philly Bike Expo this weekend, Adams will be showing off one such bike.

The Lehigh bikes will also be used at alumni functions.

Lehigh’s crest adorns the head tube:
Lehigh’s crest adorns the head tube

Proceeds from the sales of the $5,500 bikes will go to Lehigh University and the Lehigh University Alumni Association. The bikes are built with Shimano Ultegra components and Mavic Aksium wheels. Stock sizes are available, but Adams will do custom geometry at no extra cost.

“We’re honored and excited about this new marketing opportunity for my frames,” Adams said. “ his now brings my Lehigh experience full-circle, and allows for me give back, and to share my pursuit with other alumni that are cyclists.”

Adams said he wasn’t aware of any other university doing something simlar with a custom builder.


Adams is a graduate of Lehigh’s Materials Science & Engineering program. He started making custom frames in 1999, and opened Around Town Bicycles with Tom Jones in 2004.

Rich adams, framebuilder and lehigh class of ’94:
Rich Adams, shop owner, framebuilder and Lehigh class of ’94