Up your sock game each month with The Foot Revolution

Subscription service brings socks to your door

Sock are a weird obsession for many cyclists (this writer included), and now you can up your sock game every month with The Foot Revolution.


Just like The Feed in the US which brings tailored riding nutrition straight to your door every month, The Foot Revolution does the same with socks.

Dreamt up by Samuel Bell, he says on his site: “You can now rest easy knowing that you’ll have a fresh pair of high quality socks for the hammer sesh on Saturday or the espresso ride on Monday! And you can be damn sure they will look good. What do you say? We think it’s time you take your sock game to the next level!”

A small sample of the socks on offer
Courtesy (BikeRadar edit)

How does it work?

It’s a simple as picking your foot size and choosing how many boxes you’d like to receive: Three, six and 12 month subscriptions are available, or you can pay month by month. What’s better, Bell is offering free international shipping via USPS.

With so many awesome bright and colourful socks out there The Foot Revolution will send you cycling socks from brands like Maap, Handlebar Mustache, Ten Speed Hero and many more.

With the holidays quickly approaching you’d be hard pressed to find a cyclist who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a fresh pair of socks in the mail each month.

How much does it cost?

  • Month by month: $15 — approx £12 / AU$20
  • Three month subscription: $45 — approx £36 / AU$60
  • Six month subscription: $84 — approx £68 / AU$112
  • 12 month subscription: $156 — approx £125 / AU$209

International shipping is currently free via USPS — anywhere in the world according to the site — and The Foot Revolution says that all subscriptions ship on the 4th of the month and arrive on your doorstep in 2-3 days in the US. For International orders it says to expect 7-10 days.