Updated: PowerTap AMP power-meter wheelsets released

Three new sets at two-thirds the price of ENVE- or Zipp-rimmed PowerTap wheels

PowerTap has three new power-meter wheelsets built with carbon clincher rims that come in at about two-thirds the price of the company’s similar products made with ENVE or Zipp carbon rims.


The carbon rims are built by “a US-based top-tier manufacturer”, according to a PowerTap representative who declined to name the producer. BikeRadar wrongly reported earlier that the rims were made by AMP – a budget carbon-wheel company out of London. We regret the error. As the AMP rims are advertised to have “improved braking thanks to CTg technology”, it seems clear that Reynolds is the manufacturer, as Cryogenic Glass Transition is a patented technology of that Utah-based manufacturer.

The new PowerTap AMP wheels come with either 35mm-tall rims, 50mm rims or 35mm front/50mm rear rims. All the wheels have an AMP front hub and the new PowerTap G3 power-meter hub.

“Our AMP collection leverages the superior wheel technologies available today for a lightweight, aerodynamic and affordable wheelset,” PowerTap category manager Jesse Bartholomew said in a press release. “We feel strongly that the days of having race wheels and training wheels are over. With the AMP wheelsets you’ve got great options to choose from given your individual ride preferences with the best power meter available.”

PowerTap will not disclose what company is making the rims, just calling it

It appears that Reynolds is making the rims on the new PowerTap wheels

The PowerTap AMP wheels features a 24.5mm-wide rim, which PowerTap says reduces rolling resistance by increasing effective tire width and improves aerodynamics. 

The PowerTap AMP 35 set weighs a claimed 1,617g, and the PowerTap AMP 50 weighs a claimed 1,807g. For context, the PowerTap Zipp 202 set weighs 1,510g with 32mm rims and costs about US$1,000 more.

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The PowerTap G3 AMP wheelsets cost US$2,199 and are available now PowerTap.com and in shops. UK and Australian pricing was not immediately available.