Updated: Safety warnings from Specialized and PRO

Problems with Epic and Era bikes, and carbon stem

Specialized have issued a warning to dealers about a problem with some of their 2010 Epic and Era bikes.


Potentially dangerous hairline cracks have been found on the Brain reservoir mount on the seatstay of some 26in-wheeled models.

The affected models are: Epic Marathon frame; Epic Marathon Carbon; Epic Marathon Expert; Epic Expert; Epic Comp Carbon; Epic Comp; Era FSR Expert Carbon;, Era FSR Expert; Era FSR Comp.

Epic 29ers are not affected, and nor are pre-2010 models. For 2010, the Brain mounting tab was modified and moved closer to the rear axle, and this seems to have caused the problem.

So far, problems have been found on eight bikes. Specialized have stopped short of issuing a global recall, but have sent out a stop sale notice, which means shops should not sell any more of the affected bikes. Replacement seatstays should be available later this month.

Dealers have been told that if they are contacted by customers about the issue they should “advise them to immediately discontinue riding the bicycle”. Responding to the question of whether anyone has been injured, Specialized said: “Not to our knowledge. However, the potential does exist.”

UPDATE: Specialized UK have now issued a public recall of the Epic Marathon Carbon, Epic Expert Carbon, Epic Comp Carbon and Epic Comp bikes. Owners are advised to return their bikes to the point of purchase for a free repair.

The recall notice says: “Specialized have determined that the mount used to bolt the rear shock reservoir to the seatstay could crack, which could cause the Brain to make contact with the wheel spokes, which could result in a fall. Specialized have reported [their] findings to the CPSC and Trading Standards in the UK, and [are] working with both parties on this corrective action.”

For 2010, the brain mounting tab was modified and moved closer to the rear axle. these changes resulted in less material at a stressed point, and cracks have now been found on eight bikes:

Cracks have been found on the Brain mount

Hairline cracks have been found on the brain seatstay mount:
Specialized UK


PRO have issued a voluntary recall of their Hi-Comp road stems after customers found potentially dangerous cracks in the carbon. The affected models are those made between November 2003 and June 2006, with a blue logo.

PRO have recalled some of their hi-comp road stems: pro have recalled some of their hi-comp road stems

PRO say: “If you have a PRO stem branded “PRO Hi-Comp”, whatever the size or diameter, stop using it immediately. Please return it to the retailer it was purchased from for a full refund of the purchase price.


“So far, in total we received 13 pieces of the affected models back from the market showing a crack, two of which led to breakage and one to an accident with injuries.”