USA Cycling will not strictly enforce UCI aero rules in 2010

Specialized Transition and Shiv will be allowed without modification until 1 January, 2011

The UCI has already forced the modification of Specialized's Shiv this season.

Following a recent notice from the UCI, USA Cycling will be able to adopt a “tolerant” attitude towards bicycle compliance in 2010 for all races below the UCI categories 1.1 or 2.1 and junior, women’s and masters events.


This includes the UCI categorized 1.2 and 2.2 races on the UCI calendar as well as USA Cycling National Racing Calendar events. This means that USA Cycling will not be enforcing the strict version of the 3:1 rule (UCI 1.3.024) or the 8 cm rule (UCI 1.3.020) in those races, which is in-line with the recent decision regarding bicycles at masters national championships. Simply stated, if a bicycle was legal in 2009, it will be considered legal in 2010 in all races classified below the UCI 1.1 or 2.1 category.  

Bicycle weight, wheel regulations and distance measurements (5 cm seat back, 75 cm handlebar extensions) will be enforced in all races run under UCI rules, including national championship and NRC events.

The recently publicized events surrounding the eight cm height rule led to questions about the legality of the Specialized Transition and Specialized Shiv out of ProTour competition.

USA Cycling has also decided that the strict application of UCI rule 1.3.024 (3:1 aspect ratio) will not be applied to any components at events falling within the above guidelines, this year.

All equipment used in time trial events in UCI races must however be compliant with all UCI regulations beginning January 1, 2011. USA Cycling is monitoring the rule changes made at the international level and will continue to consider how these rule changes affect cyclists in the USA.


For more information regarding rules and regulations please visit the Rule Books and Manuals portion of the USA Cycling website.