USA dominate at the 4X finals

Lopes and Kintner new world champions for US

The finals of the 4X world championship took place last night and Brian Lopes stormed the men’s race to take the gold, followed by Frenchman Romain Saladini and Jurg Meijer from the Netherlands. Crowd favourite and 4X title contender Cedric Gracia had a bad fall in his quarter-final race.


Brian Lopes celeberates on the podium flanked by Romain Saladini of France and Jurg Meijer from the Netherlands.


n the women’s race, USA rider Jill Kintner took gold ahead of Anneke Beerten from the Netherlands and fellow American Melissa Buhl.
Lopes and Kintner: 2x 4X world champs

Lopes and Kintner’s double win marked a night of triumph for the US team.

Gracia lines up

Earlier in the evening crowd favourite Cedric Gracia lined up for the quarter finals, but a heavy crash meant he made it no further.



Big Final

1 Brian Lopes (United States of America)
2 Romain Saladini (France)
3 Jurg Meijer (Netherlands)
4 Roger Rinderknecht (Switzerland)

Small Final

5 Rafael Alvarez De Lara Lu (Spain)
6 Tomas Slavik (Czech Republic)
7 Scott Beaumont (Great Britain)
8 Jared Graves (Australia)

1/4 Finals

9 Kamil Tatarkovic (Czech Republic)
10 Mickael Deldycke (France)
11 Gee Atherton (Great Britain)
12 Johannes Fischbach (Germany)
13 Cédric Gracia (France)
14 Joost Wichman (Netherlands)
15 Filip Polc (Slovakia)
16 Lewis Lacey (Great Britain)


1 Jill Kintner (United States of America)
2 Anneke Beerten (Netherlands)
3 Melissa Buhl (United States of America)
4 Jana Horakova (Czech Republic)

Small Final

5 Mio Suemasa (Japan)
6 Rachel Seydoux (Switzerland)
7 Joey Gough (Great Britain)
8 Caroline Buchanan (Australia)

1/4 Finals

9 Fionn Griffiths (Great Britain)
10 Steffi Marth (Germany)
11 Diana Marggraff (Ecuador)
12 Julia Boer (Hungary)
13 Anita Molcik (Austria)
14 Neven Steinmetz (United States of America)
15 Laura Brethauer (Germany)
16 Elisa Canepa (Italy)


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