USE enter carbon wheel market – Eurobike 2012

Plus R1 TT bar, Exposure lights and Revo dynamo

Perhaps best known for their lights, USE were busy showing their new range of carbon wheels at Eurobike


Aerospace nano technology gives the hoops an incredibly smooth finish that improves aerodynamics but also sheds water and mud effectively, making them useful on or off road.

Employing wider rim widths are the 30mm, 45mm and 80mm road wheels, plus a disc wheel that wasn’t displayed. All have tubular rims, but there’s a clincher option for the 45mm wheels. 

The use 8.0 tubular wheel with tyre fitted:
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

The USE 8.0 80mm tubular wheel with tyre fitted

For cyclocross fans there’s a 30mm deep, wide carbon tubular rim with disc-ready hub and 28 spokes. USE are also behind a 29in carbon MTB clincher wheel. Prices are yet to be confirmed, but look out for full tests of the new wheels very soon.

Aero options

Elsewhere, the R1 time trial bar now sports two small metal buttons on the hand pod caps, for electronic shifting control without aerodynamic compromise. The extension and riser attachments have also been refined since the pre-production sample we saw earlier in the year.

The use r1 time trial bar with new electronic shifting buttons integrated onto the hand pod caps: the use r1 time trial bar with new electronic shifting buttons integrated onto the hand pod caps
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

Electric shifting buttons integrated into the R1 TT bar hand pod caps

Also of interest to those trying to minimise drag are USE’s custom-made Shimano Di2 batteries, which slot into Specialized Venge and Shiv seatposts and are held in place with a neat expander wedge.

2013 Exposure lights  

The range of Exposure lights has been updated and expanded for next year, with improved run times and outputs now complemented by OMS (Optimised Mode Selector). This feature offers a greater variety of programs to tailor light performance to your needs. Clearer run time and mode displays use small LEDs or self-righting numeric indicators to take guesswork out of the equation.

USE’s range of exposure lights: use’s range of exposure lights
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

USE’s range of Exposure lights for 2013

Exposure’s latest and most advanced light, the Reflex, contains accelerometers and temperature sensors to adjust light output according to riding conditions. On a sustained upward gradient, the angle and decreased cooling effect due to lower speed causes the light’s output to lower, saving power and reducing heat when visible distance is less important. 

Once you’re over the top, the intensity increases again up to the maximum level. This peaks at 2,200 lumens, which is 200 lumens brighter than an Exposure Six Pack but from a unit 40g lighter than a MaXx-D. The price for so much cunning is £449.95. US pricing is to be confirmed.

Revo dynamo

If extended battery life still leaves you wanting more, Exposure have entered the world of dynamo lights with the Revo. Ultra-efficient dynamo front hubs can give an output of 800 lumens from the compact front light, the burn time of which depends solely on how long you keep pedalling.  When you stop, a Stand Light function keeps a dimmed beam shining for up to 10 minutes. 

Exposure’s new revo dynamo specific front light offers 800 lumens of sustainable output: exposure’s new revo dynamo specific front light offers 800 lumens of sustainable output
Robin Wilmott/Future Publishing

The Revo dynamo front light

With a Smart Port, it’s possible to run a Red Eye rear light too, doing away with batteries entirely. The Revo seems ideal for commuters or tourers using the same bike regularly, as the hub and wiring obviously aren’t easily interchangeable. 


The light alone retails for £199.95, or as a package with road or MTB front hubs, in black or red and for disc or rim brakes, for £279.95. Again, US pricing is to be confirmed.