UVEX helmet and eyewear ranges expanded

Photochromic sunglasses, plus helmets for road and mountain biking

UVEX continues to grow its expansive range of eyewear and helmets for the coming season – and if we’re to believe reports from its US distributor, Magura USA, the brand is gaining steam stateside as well, boosted by its solid reputation, reasonable pricing, and the fact that much of the collection is still made in Germany.


New eyewear bolstered with photochromic options

The new sunglasses range features three key highlights: the US$199/£119.99 SGL 104 Vario, the US$159/£89.99 SGL 202 Race Vario, and the US$149/£69.99 Active Vario Shield. All three models come with photochromic Variomatic Smoke lenses and impressive broad transmission ranges from 9 to 78 percent depending on tint, meaning users shouldn’t need to swap lenses with changing conditions.

The SGL 104 Vario is the most sport-oriented of the three, with a traditional shield-type, single-piece lens. This is secured to a continuous upper frame with a novel retractable pin to lock the interchangeable lens in place and bendable ear- and nosepieces for a customizable fit. Available frame colors include white/black, white/green, and all black.

The uvex sgl 104 vario features a traditional upper lens and one-piece, shield-type lens:
James Huang/Future Publishing

UVEX SGL 104 Vario

The SGL 202 Race Vario is a slightly modified version of UVEX’s ultralight standard SGL 202 Vario, adding bendable, stiffer earpieces to go along with the existing bendable nosepiece for a more secure fit when riding off-road. In contrast to the SGL 104 Vario, the 202 is a frameless design for a wider field of view. Frame color choices include black/white, white/black, and green/white.

The new uvex sgl 202 vario race sunglasses use a frameless design, like the active vario shield but with stouter earpieces:
James Huang/Future Publishing

UVEX SGL 202 Race Vario

Finally, the Active Vario Shield looks similar to the existing Active Vario model but with a new single shield-type lens and no upper frame to block your view. Magura USA will offer this model in black, white/brown, and orange frame colors.

The uvex active vario shield uses a very minimal frame to maximize the field of view:
James Huang/Future Publishing

UVEX Active Vario Shield

New helmet models for both on-road and off

UVEX’s road helmet range is topped by the new US$239/£139.99 Race 5 model, which is currently being used by the Ag2r-La Mondiale and Argos-Shimano teams. Features include a competitive 225g claimed weight, 23 vents, antibacterial carbon-infused pads, and double in-molded construction with upper and lower microshells for durability.

UVEX’s new top-end road helmet is the race 5, currently being used by the argos-shimano and ag2r-la mondiale pro teams:
James Huang/Future Publishing

UVEX Race 5

The easy-to-use, single-dial retention system is also padded for comfort and height adjustable, the ratcheting buckle makes for quicker on-the-bike adjustments, and the entire strap system can be removed from the helmet for washing. Designed in Germany, made in Asia.

Interestingly, UVEX chose to skip the internal reinforcement skeleton used in the previous Race 3 flagship. While that system allowed for bigger and more deeply channeled vents, the company says it’s also responsible for that helmet’s so-so 270g claimed weight. Magura says that model is still quite popular, though, so it remains in the range for US$199/€169.95.

Topping the MTB range is the US$149/£99.99, made-in-Germany Ultrasonic CC. Like the Race 5, this model features a double in-molded construction with upper and lower shells as well as the same retention system and ratcheting buckle. 

The uvex ultrasonic cc is the company’s top-end cross-country helmet, with 19 vents, a built-in visor, and front bug netting:
James Huang/Future Publishing

UVEX Ultrasonic CC

The Ultrasonic offers a little more coverage on the rear of your head, however. There’s a fixed-position visor included, and vent count dips to 19 although the forward-facing ones are augmented with molded-in bug netting. Claimed weight is 235g.

Other popular models such as the made-in-Germany US$119/£74.99 Supersonic and US$99/£59.99 XP CC carry over with updated colors.


For more information see the UVEX website.