VAAST magnesium bikes | new 2020 range overview

Joey Burke talks us through VAAST's 8 new magnesium bike models for 2020

VAAST made headlines earlier this year when it launched its line of Allite “super magnesium” frames. 


Magnesium is a material not commonly used in bicycle manufacturing. However, according to VAAST, the Allite — otherwise known as AE81 — magnesium alloy it uses to construct its frames is 33 per cent lighter than aluminium, 56 per cent stronger than A1 titanium and 17 per cent stronger than steel. 

The magnesium frames also have exceptionally high corrosion resistance, which is matched with a ceramic coating on the inside of the tubes. 

VAAST is kicking its well-rounded lineup off with two gravel bikes, two mountain bikes, two urban bikes and two kids’ bikes for 2020. 


We caught up with marketing manager for the brand, Joey Burke, at Eurobike 2019 where she talked us through each of these new models and the brand.