VeloReality adds multiplayer beta for hi-def courses

High-end indoor option for those with a trainer, ANT+ peripherals and a PC

VeloReality specializes in hi-def video courses that you can ride on your trainer, with 60 courses like Mont Ventoux best experienced with a PC connected to a large screen. This week, VeloReality announced VRide Multi, a multiplayer option that allows riders with an ANT+ trainer, power meter or even just speed/cadence sensor to ride the same course simultaneously.


Unlike Zwift, which has a decided videogame bias, VRide Multi’s focus is hi-def video of actual cycling courses, such as the Stelvio in Italy, the Koppenberg in Belgium or L’Alpe d’Huez in France. All told, there are more than 2,000km of courses to ride, said VeloReality president Gary Bauer.

For now, VRide Multi is PC-only, but Mac software is in the works, Bauer said.

The new multiplayer function means riders can intentionally join other riders to start, or just see them out on the course.

“In real life, cycling is often a very social activity and that’s what our new training software delivers,” Bauer said. “Riders can blow past riding buddies along bucketlist roads like the Koppenberg, Ventoux, Zoncolan, Stelvio, l’Alpe dHuez, or any of 60 world-famous rides, all filmed in the highest quality in the industry.”

Each course video is sold separately : each course video is sold separately

Each course is sold separately

Once logged on, each rider is identified by a distinct 3D avatar and screen name, with each rider’s real-time speed and position on the course displayed. A map view shows all riders on course in real time. Riders enter or exit at any point on the course. As with other multiplayer games, VRide Multi uses ‘ghost’ riders to populate the course when real riders are absent.

VeloReality sells the courses individually for US$10 / £7 or in packs of 20 for US$191 / £125. You can download and demo the game for free. Required hardware is a Windows 7/8 64bit PC or laptop with an ANT+ dongle, plus an ANT+ resistance trainer like the Wahoo Kickr or a standard trainer and ANT+ power meter or standard trainer and ANT+ speed/cadence sensor.


VeloReality also makes an ANT+ resistance trainer, the LYNX VR Trainer.