Verve InfoCrank power meter nearly released

Pricing, weight announced for Australian crank-based system

Verve Cycling’s InfoCrank power meter is scheduled to go on sale within a couple of months for US$1,750/£1,260/€1,533/AU$1,999 for the 694g (claimed) crankset. The aluminum ANT+ crankset will come in either 52/36-tooth or 50/34-tooth options with rings by Praxis, and it will include a head unit made by German company o-synce.


The InfoCrank will join an increasingly crowded power meter market, with Stages Cycling, Garmin, Rotor, Pioneer and others recently jumping into an area long owned by PowerTap and SRM.

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The InfoCrank, which is compatible with any BB30/PF30 frame (or threaded BB frame with included adapters), was initially created as a research project of sorts. “Our engineers were contacted by the Australian Institute of Sport to design a product that could measure the drift or inaccuracy of the power meters they were using and in doing so, realized they had in fact created a power meter that did not drift or need recalibrating,” said Shawn Heidgen, Verve Cycling’s US lead affiliate.

The verve cycling infocrank is a dual-sided power meter:

Verve Cycling claims that its product will never require calibration, and that the user-replaceable battery should last for 500 hours.

With strain gauges on both the left and right crank, the InfoCrank measures torque for each leg independently and can deliver that separate left/right data to an ANT+ head unit.

The black anodized cranks will come in 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths, all with a 150mm Q-factor.

Verve Cycling’s website is live now, and will soon be open for orders.


BikeRadar will get a test unit as soon as they are available, and will be reviewing it here.