Video: 3T Integra carbon stem with Garmin computer mount

Neat interchangeable shrouds maintain clean aesthetics

Italy’s 3T have developed a new version of their carbon fibre Integra stem that’s groundbreaking in that it features an integrated mount for a Garmin GPS computer. The Garmin-Barracuda team will debut the new stem in competition this week at the Giro d’Italia.


3T and Garmin have been collaborating on the stem’s redesign since last autumn. Instead of the usual front-loading bar clamp, the Integra has a top-loading one that’s covered by a shroud to maintain the stem’s clean lines. A standard shroud is available, which simply hides the clamp, but there’s also an optional second cover, and it’s this that will be used in anger at the Tour of Italy.

The innovative design of the new shroud extends the stem forward to allow for an integrated Garmin mount. This offers a more secure fit than the standard rubber O-ring mount and also places the head unit much further forward, making it easier for the rider to see the screen. 

3T claim there are also aero advantages – hiding the bolts under the shroud makes for a much more aerodynamic shape, and integrating the Garmin unit into the front improves airflow compared to mounting it on top of a standard stem.

Team Garmin-Barracuda are expected to fit the new Integra to all of their Cervélo race bikes, bar the P4 and P5 time trial bikes. At time of writing, both Christian Vande Velde and Thomas Dekker were confirmed to be using it. The stem should be available shortly after the Giro, in 90, 100, 110 and 120mm lengths. The 110mm version weighs a svelte 135g. For more information on the new Integra, visit

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Video: How to fit a 3T Integra stem