Video: ‘All That I Am’ by Aaron Baker

From motocross pro, to quadriplegic, to bike racer

Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker’s is a remarkable story. From a promising career as a professional motocross racer, a horrific crash in practice in 1999 left him quadriplegic, able to communicate with his family only through the flick of his eyelids.


His prognosis was poor, with doctors giving him little chance of even a partial recovery. Little by little, though, he confounded the experts. Two years on from his accident he was pedalling recumbent bikes. Another 18 months later he was on the back of a tandem. Next he’d built a tricycle, which he rode from San Francisco to Washington DC, before finally taking the step up to racing. For a closer look at his journey, check out the video below.

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Video: All That I Am (credit: Encompass Films)