Video: Anthill Films’ Strength in Numbers trailer

Matrix-style dirt jumping from California's Aptos Crew

Strength in Numbers is set for release in spring 2012

Here’s the first teaser trailer for Anthill Films’ new project, Strength in Numbers. Announced back in April as the follow-up to their hit film Follow Me, Anthill’s mission for the film was clear: to “explore the shared experiences that connect us all, regardless of location or language, as mountain bikers”.


With this in mind, the trailer visits the Post Office dirt jumps in Aptos, California. Built on a private lot leased to the town, people flock from all over the world to ride the jumps. They were built with the help of kids who grew up riding them, now known as the Aptos Crew and led by Cam McCaul and Greg Watts.

Jonathan Schramm, from Anthill Films, says the work these riders put in to build and maintain their own trails is common the world over. “The first place Watts will take you when you arrive to ride at Post Office is the hardware store to buy a shovel. It’s a friendly reminder that you get back what you put in at Post Office. This is a common sentiment in many dirt jump communities and a commanding belief held by all the local riders in the Aptos Crew.

“The Aptos Crew began with a piece of land and a few piles of dirt. But what exists today does so regardless of land. Post Office has always existed on borrowed time. It’s always been known by all in the crew that one day the lease may not be renewed. Though their land isn’t permanent, the strength of their crew is, and that’s a story we can all learn from.”


We can look forward to more of the spirit found in Aptos in the finished film, set for release in the spring of 2012. For more information on the film, visit Anthill’s website.

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