Video: Atherton Project episode 12

Downtown race in Rio, followed by local trail session

Dan and Gee meet their fans in the flavellas

The 12th and final instalment of this year’s Atherton Project, a fly-on-the-wall documentary following Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton, is now available to watch.


There’s no more World Cup riding but Gee and Dan head to Brazil to race in the Desafio no Morro downtown event in the favelas of Rio. During a pre-race walk of the course, Gee says: “We’ve basically… walked down FortWilliam, but into… the hood surrounded by dogs and cats.” During practice, he says: “It’s like jumping into  City of God on my bike!”


In the downtown finals, Dan crashes but still manages third place, while Gee is left reeling after a flat tyre mid-race. The Athertons then return home to North Wales to ride their local trails and tracks, and bow out of episode 12 with an epic quarry session.

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