Video: Atherton Project Series 2, episode 1

Hitting the gym, Dan on BMX, training in Cali

The Atherton Project, a web video series filmed by renowned mountain bike film producer Clay Porter, follows the famous siblings as they compete in the 2010 UCI World Cup and World Championships.


In the first episode of the second series, the Athertons ship out of the harsh north Walian winter and head to California to hit the gym, the tarmac and the amazing trails.

We see Dan in BMX training and hear of his desire to make the British Olympic team, while Gee reflects on a relatively disappointing 2009 season. Rachel is happy to be back at full race fitness after missing most of last year’s racing due to injury. You can find all of last year’s episodes on our video player.

To watch the first episode of season two, hit play below:

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The Athertons will be appearing and racing at BikeRadar Live.