Video: Atherton Project series 2, episode 4

Rachel wins with a broken finger, Dan's 4X season starts


The Atherton Project, a web video series filmed by renowned mountain bike film producer Clay Porter, follows the famous siblings as they compete in the 2010 UCI World Cup and World Championships.


Episode 4 starts in Houffalize, Belgium at the first round of the Four-Cross World Cup. Gee has to watch from the sidelines due to a shoulder injury, so Dan’s left to fly the flag for the Athertons – can he get his season off to a flyer?

Then it’s on to Maribor, Slovenia for round one of the Downhill World Cup. Disaster strikes for Rachel as she breaks her finger in training, but this seems to make her even more determined. As the rain slows the course right down, is she going to attempt the impossible and get herself on the podium?


Watch the video now:

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