Video: Atherton Project series 2, episode 7

Dan's horrific crash, and his ongoing recovery

Dan Atherton is recovering from a life-threatening dirt jumping accident

The Atherton Project, a web video series filmed by renowned mountain bike film producer Clay Porter, follows the famous siblings as they compete in the 2010 UCI World Cup and World Championships.


In the seventh episode, Dan and Gee Atherton are training on the jumps behind their house in Wales when Dan tests a new line and disappears behind one of the jumps for a lot longer than seems normal.

Gee and Clay rush to investigate and find him on the ground. It’s a neck injury, and it’s not good. It turns out that Dan is lucky to be alive, and facing at least three months off the bike. This gets him thinking about the bigger picture.


This episode is dedicated to the fallen riders who may not have been so lucky. You can watch it below:

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