Video: Boardman rider crashes at Cwmcarn

Halfords promote helmet use through new vid

Jarman crashes out

Halfords have posted a new video on YouTube to demonstrate the importance of wearing a helmet when mountain biking.


Featuring professional stuntman and former World Cup downhill rider Rob Jarman, the footage is an out-take from the company’s recent foray into online 3D advertising. It was filmed at Cwmcarn, South Wales in very windy conditions.

Rob says: “I came round the corner and was faced with three fairly straight forward, smallish table-tops. However, as soon as both wheels were off the ground the wind took control and keeping the bike on course and not scrubbing speed was proving difficult.

“On the second take I must have caught a pedal on entry to the second jump and just flipped over the bars. Luckily I had the presence of mind to roll out.”

Halfords say: “However good you think you are, a helmet is as important to a cyclist as wheels and brakes.”

Watch the video now:


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