Video: Can you freeride a 29er?

Ripping up the trails on a custom Specialized Stumpjumper

Andrew Sherry puts a customised Specialized Stumpjumper 29er through its paces

29er mountain bikes: alright for cross-country racing, but the big wheels can’t cut it when it comes to more gnarly or technical riding. That seems to be the prevailing opinion among those who haven’t yet made the switch from 26in wheels.


But is it true? The crew from Oak Bay Bicycles in Victoria, British Columbia decided to let staff member Andrew ‘Shrew’ Sherry loose on a customised Specialized Stumpjumper to find out.

Filmmaker Brian Park says: “Most of the cross-country riders around here have drunk the 29er Kool-Aid; bigger wheels just make sense in certain applications. Still, there’s a lot of totally warranted skepticism about pushing bigger wheels into the all-mountain/enduro/freeride side of things.

“So, can you freeride a 29er? Andrew took out this bike to see what big wheels can do. The point isn’t that big wheels are better for dirt jumping or freeriding, etc, but just that the supposed trade-offs in those areas aren’t nearly as serious as people think.”


Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

29er freeriding