Video: Cedric Gracia, Through my eyes

Gracia takes his POV camera to the Valparaiso Urban DH in Chile

Through my eyes is a new series that follows Cedric Gracia and his fellow CG Racing Brigade teammates through their travel, racing, and victory celebrations during the 2012 season.


Gracia’s own trip to the Valparaiso Urban DH event in Chile makes up the second episode of ProbikeShop TV’s web series. Gracia shot all of the footage on his own GoPro helmet camera.

Ample thumbs up, owwws, and ‘bull horns’ (well, we’ll call them that) accompany lost gear on the highway, hob-nobbing with fans (including autographs from the start ramp), and Gracia’s race run on the Valparaiso Urban DH course, which is rather harrowing, considering the road furniture and fans along the course racers are forced to avoid.

From there, it’s a straight trip from the podium to Gracia’s home in France, where he’s met by his best friend, Aston Junior, yes his golden retriever is named Aston Martin Gracia — all in a day’s (or a couple) work for the infamous gravity racer.

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Through my eyes will chronicle Gracia and the CG Racing Brigade adventures throughout 2012, video courtesy: ProBikeShop TV