Video: Ceradure’s road cassette – now with added ‘diamonds’

'World's lightest' cassette to be auctioned off at London Bike Show

At just 84g, the 12-25T cassette is said to be the lightest on the planet

Here’s a closer look at the ‘diamond’ encrusted cassette manufacturer Ceradure will be auctioning off towards the end of this week’s London Bike Show.


If the 84g cassette – billed as the lightest in the world – wasn’t eye-catching enough already, this ‘diamond edition’ will surely get your attention. While the rocks in the lockring and rear of the cassette aren’t actual diamonds (they are, in fact, cubic zirconias), it’s still a rather bling bit of cycling kit. Only one exists on the planet and it’s currently on display at Ceradure’s UK distributor Veroli’s stand at the show.

Visitors to the stand are invited to submit bids, with the winner being the person willing to part with the largest amount of cash. The standard cassette retails for over £300, so the unique nature of this special edition is expected send its value spiralling.


The video below is part of our ’60 Second Sell’ series of clips we’ll be running in the coming days from the London Bike Show. They feature representatives from key brands at the show, who have just one minute to present products we can look forward to in 2012.

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