Video: cyclist near miss on railway level crossing

Police release footage after rider narrowly escapes with life

Cyclist's level crossing near-miss

Transport Police have released a video of a cyclist who escaped with her life after ignoring warning lights at a level crossing where trains reach speeds up to 75mph.


British Transport Police have released the 26-second video in the hope of tracking down the mystery woman and warning pedestrians and cyclists of the dangers of skipping barriers. According to a Network Rail survey, almost one third of people believe they would be able to hear a train and get out of the way in time.

Cyclists’s level crossing near-miss

Video: Terrifying level crossing near-miss at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

The incident occurred at the Waterbeach level crossing in Cambridgeshire. The woman is seen passing through the barriers and having to brake hard as the train speeds past, just inches away.

Richard Schofield of Network Rail said: “This is one of the closest incidents of a near miss we’ve seen. The person not only didn’t hear the train but ignored the  warning lights and barriers, putting her life, the lives of passengers and the train driver in danger.


“Warning systems are there for a reason, to protect users from the railway.”