Video: Danny MacAskill on his new film ‘Way Back Home’

Chat and riding with the Scottish street trials star

Will Danny MacAskill's new film be as jaw-dropping as the Inspired Bicycles clip that made his name?

A new film showcasing UK street trials star Danny MacAskill’s jaw-dropping riding is due to drop next month. In this video interview with sponsors Red Bull, the young Scot details the journey his life has taken over the past couple of years.


In that time he has gone from messing about filming with his friend Dave Sowerby to racking up 20 million hits (and counting) on YouTube and starring in TV adverts and music videos.

For his latest film, Way Back Home, he travels back home from Edinburgh to Skye, with some incredible experiences along the way. Check out the clips below, and head over to to find out more.

Danny MacAskill interview:

Danny macaskill way back home interview

Way Back Home teaser:

Way back home teaser